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musings of a meanderer

I spent a few childhood summers roaming the pastures of my grandparents farm with my brother and sister. We used to entertain ourselves by flinging manure from the freshest cow pies at each other, daring one another to touch the fence, just to see…

hello from the top of the world, arctic lapland

Seven days ago, a tornado ripped through Life As I Know It, shook things up in a snow globe fashion, and dropped me and a backpack overstuffed (like, really overstuffed) with Life Part Deux in Arctic Lapland. I’ve completed the Quit Your Day Job…

road to nowhere

Words are good. People laugh, cry, panic, smile, fight and fornicate over three little words, sometimes all in the same night. And words are powerful. People have started wars over words. But words married to music tell the story of souls, exposing our inner…

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