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da northwoods

Ahh, the Northwoods. Where you can walk into places like Nina’s Diner and Jimmy’s Pizza and have your order taken by Nina or Jimmy themselves. Where it’s impossible not to eavesdrop on loud diner conversations, and you quickly realize you are the only stranger for miles….

28 degrees of separation

In the four years I traveled to Colorado for work, I always enjoyed when the weather reached that undisclosed temperature where everyone decides it is time to start eating outside again, somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees. Everyone on the university hospital campus takes…

the money tree & the ticking clock

The First of April, the Day of Fools, triggered my external Travel Clock. I can barely hear the T-Clock ticking right now, but I’m aware of its existence out there, somewhere, slowly tocking, currently muffled by the thick, plush safety blanket made of cash-money. It’s…

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