in a northern town called florence

Keyes Lake, Florence, Wisconsin
Keyes Lake, Florence, Wisconsin

Eleven things I did this weekend:

1. Drank a lot of warm Rumchata. A lot.
2. Contemplated the meaning behind a restaurant called the Town Pump, and then contemplated owning it some day.
3. Squeezed two medium-sized people, three large-sized people and one big dog into a tonka truck for a total of nine hours.
4. Summited Space Mountain (also known as a blow up water toy for children) three days straight.
5. Standup paddle-boarded with a Pomeranian.
6. Slept in my tent all weekend, even though the “cabin” had like 10 beds.
7. Refused to shower from Thursday through Sunday because hey, that’s what the lake is for.
8. Led the patrons of Annie’s Trading Post in a yell-singing rendition of Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz when the karaoke book didn’t have it.
9. Drove through my new favorite town, Spread Eagle.
10. Discovered there is allegedly a game called The Historian where you randomly roofie all drinks but one, and the person who gets the regular drink documents the night. And no, we did not play it. At least I don’t think we did.
11. Learned how to twerk.

Eventually I will “grow up.” Just not today.

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