that moment when

Kayaking down the Jacques-Cartier in Québec.
Kayaking down the Jacques-Cartier in Québec.

That moment when your tandem kayak gets lodged between two boulders and water starts rushing over you, so much so, that you actually become a part of the rapids, so you both rock aggressively back and forth with all your might without moving an inch, and realize you’ll have to maneuver out of the kayak and onto the boulder in order to push your end into the rushing waters and attempt to dive onto the kayak before it zooms away from you, and you start to wonder if:

A) It would be worse to become a permanent fixture of the river or to abandon ship and navigate the rocky waters with your body in hopes the kayak becomes dislodged on its own and your body comes out the other end in one piece

B) Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for two novice kayakers to attempt the intermediate level run

C) Maybe it wasn’t worth bringing your iPhone stuffed in a dry bag just to snap a few on-the-river photos.

Yeah. Those are the good ones.

And for the record, it was totally worth it.

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