pura vida

everyone stops what they are doing and enjoys the sunset in costa rica

Twenty-three days before I start walking from Georgia to Maine, and a random series of events later, I find myself on a peaceful little beach in Costa Rica, listening to the sounds of the ocean and hiding from direct sun.  

catamaran adventures

Anyone who has taken a breath of the salty Costa Rican air is very familiar with the phrase, “Pura Vida.” Directly translated into English, “Pure Life” is not just something people say, it’s who people are.

playa junquillal, costa rica

 I imagine this phrase holds a variety of interpretations for locals and travelers alike. Maybe it means something different for everyone. Or maybe I am the only one who thinks that, and it means the exact same thing to everyone else. But after a few days of observation and immersion, I believe Pura Vida represents living life for the things that matter, letting go of the things that don’t, and the process of learning the difference. That last part is key. And a lot of people struggle with it, including me.  

playa junquillal, costa rica

 For me, it’s an ongoing process, full of setbacks and successes, hurdles and home runs. And even though I’ve accepted I may never perfect the process, I feel incredibly fortunate for the 2000 miles ahead of me to help get it right.

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