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the colors of my mind

Have you ever flown across America? I have. Way too many times, really. Every week I fly from Wisconsin to California, California to Wisconsin. Before that, life on the road regularly transported me to New York, Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles, and countless cities in between….

the man in the mirror

Have you ever had one of those days where you see yourself reflected in everything? Not in a narcissistic way, but more in a way you can understand, relate to, because of who you are now, or who you once were. Like you see…

here’s why you need to stop telling me to get over it

I get it. You’re sick of seeing your Facebook feed fill up with people expressing their feelings. You think everyone should stop whining and go back to celebrating the Cubs World Series win, their babies and puppies, and all the stupid funny mindless shit…

i will always speak out

Some of us woke up this morning in shock, thinking we must be in some kind of nightmare, hoping that any minute, Trump will pop out and say, “Gotcha!” Some of us woke up overjoyed, relieved that our voices were finally heard, stepped outside with…

for whom the bell tolls

If you need a break from all the election coverage today, watch the first 20 minutes of the movie God Bless America.

The plot itself is pretty entertaining. Basically, Frank is a guy with nothing left to lose, has had enough with the downward spiral of America and sets out to kill the most ridiculous members of society.

But the movie’s depiction of this “downward spiral of America” is downright depressing. Because, turns out, it’s not the stuff of movies. It wasn’t drummed up by a creative mind trying to help viewers see Frank’s side of things. The scenes are ripped straight from the headlines of real life, from this real world. A crystal clear window to a reality it’s hard to admit I’m a part of, that I sometimes partake in, contribute to.

I squirmed in my seat, cringing as I watched it play out, my skin crawling with every comical, only slightly exaggerated portrayal of today’s modern America. But instead of using my own words to paint you a picture, I’ll use Frank’s, because I haven’t been able to get them out of my head since they made a beeline to my brain:

Frank in the first 20 minutes:
“This is the “Oh no, you didn’t say that!” generation, where a shocking comment has more weight than the truth. No one has any shame anymore, and we’re supposed to celebrate it. I saw a woman throw a used tampon at another woman last night on network television, a network that bills itself as “Today’s Woman’s Channel”. Kids beat each other blind and post it on Youtube. I just want it all to stop. I mean, nobody talks about anything anymore. They just regurgitate everything they see on TV, or hear on the radio or watch on the web. When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone without somebody texting or looking at a screen or a monitor over your head? You know, a conversation about something that wasn’t celebrities, gossip, sports, or pop politics. You know, something important, something personal.”

Frank in the last 20 minutes:

My name is Frank. That’s not important. The important question is: Who are you? America has become a cruel and vicious place. We reward the shallowest, the dumbest, the meanest and the loudest. We no longer have any common sense of decency. No sense of shame. There is no right and wrong. The worst qualities in people are looked up to and celebrated. Lying and spreading fear is fine as long as you make money doing it. We’ve become a nation of slogan-saying, bile-spewing hatemongers. We’ve lost our kindness. We’ve lost our soul. What have we become?”

Then listen to We Shall Be Free by Garth Brooks (my favorite church since 1992). I find his live version most inspirational.

Then read my post.

Oh, and don’t forget to Vote.

no experience necessary

I’m just not that into politics. I’ve never been able to coerce my mind into weaving through the complex web of our government, the extent of my knowledge resembling a scary combination of House of Cards set to the tune of I’m Just a…

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